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Electrical & Steam Heat Trace

Going into this new year we are expecting to see quite a bit of cold weather in the coming days which could mean freezes on several different processes/equipment, and here at TPIS, we are equipped to help with these exact problems. One of the specialties we offer is being able to design new electric heat trace systems, diagnose existing systems and repairs needed for it. We also offer freeze protection barriers, which we build the necessary scaffolding barriers needed to protect certain lines/processes/equipment and wrap in reinforced plastic to protect from wind chills and freezes. Contact us to keep you at your temp!


  Our Priorities Are Quality, Transparency, and Safety  

  At TPIS Industrial Services, we’re all about top quality labor and materials, complete honesty and transparency with customers, and of course, keeping everyone as safe as possible. Browse through our various services and contact us so we can provide what best suits your needs!  


TPIS is a family owned and operated company. We care about what we do by responding promptly and sincerely. To us, it isn’t just about the money. We stand firmly behind our work and we are dedicated to ensure your satisfaction. You can contact us 24/7 and be 100% sure that you won't be speaking to a robot, but a real TPIS team member who is ready to help you! TPIS strives to assure that each and every service provided is of the highest quality and safety. We have been around since 2001, have well over 200 years of combined experience on our team, and have made this our life's passion! Our goal is to welcome you to our family by delivering you the finest service from the first time, all the way down to the last. If we make a mistake, we will recognize it and promptly resolve the issue. Safety is our standard, not an added premium. Our emergency response record has us on a local site within two to four hours.  We want to be your one call does it all company!

Our Vision Statement

At TPIS, our vision is to be a safe, reliable, valuable, and integral part of our customer's process; while providing a safe, pleasant, and prosperous work place for our team members.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is simple... To be the safest and best industrial "Soft Trades" company... period!

TPIS Industrial Services, LLC wants to be the leader in scaffold, insulation, coatings, refractory, electrical/steam tracing, fireproofing, and auxiliary services industry by providing world class customer service, support, and quality while maintaining safe conditions for our team members and our communities. To accomplish this, we will keep God at the helm of our ship. We will live by our core values and hold ourselves to a higher standard. We will stand behind our promises and make right our wrongs. We will make contributions to our community and to those in need. Through all this, we will achieve success! 

Our Core Values






Our Services

We aim to provide all of these services with not only the best material, but also the best customer service along side it, so the service can be a seamless, hassle-free experience!

Industrial Scaffolding

Let Us Help You Get Safe and “High” Quality Access!

We use Layher Scaffolding, a high quality, proven material so that the various hard to reach jobs you encounter, can be done easily and safely!

Custom Insulation Blankets

  Let Us Help “Insulate” You From Losses!  

Every job is unique, so we custom make our industrial insulation blanket   systems to ensure that no matter what the job is, we insulate you from losses!

Pipe Cover Insulation

Keep Your Team Members And Your Pipelines Safe!

Whether you want to keep heat in or keep heat out, protect your pipe and your team members with our pipe insulation! Our goal is to figure out which material would best fit your specific job's need, while also doing so in a cost effective manner! We've got you covered!  

Electrical & Steam Heat Trace

Keeping You At Your Temp!  

Whether you need to maintain an exact temperature for your process, or you want to prevent your piping and equipment from lower temperatures, we can help you design, install and maintain a system that suits your needs!

Dry Ice Blasting

Let’s Go “Green” Clean!  

Dry Ice blasting/cleaning is a way for you to turn the negative 109° F dry ice into a positive way of cleaning by allowing you to clean without having to use harsh chemicals, secondary wastes, additional waste disposal and additional man hours.

Paint & Coatings

We Can Get You “Covered”!

We offer an extensive variety of paints, coatings, and liners for numerous applications and fields in the industry!

And Many More Services Such As:

  • Outages and Turnarounds
  • Sand Blasting
  • Maintenance and Construction
  • Fire Proofing
  • Refractory
  • SCR Cleaning and Re-Packing
  • Specialty Outage Services (Fire Watch Confined Space)
  • HRSG Services
  • CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) Services Inspection Port/Plug Installation


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